How To Verify Your Mobile Number

How To Verify Your Mobile Number

In order to use our free votes or bonus codes you need to verify your mobile number. We only send out SMSes to South African numbers for verification. If we've already sent a verification SMS or if you're registering an international number you can still verify your number in one of the following ways:


1. SMS

Send an SMS to +27 74 050 8890. You do not need to write anything in the SMS, or you can write anything you want. It will not be read by anyone. Our system will simply use your number to verify your mobile number.

If you are verifying from a South African cell number you can even send a please call me to this number so you won't be billed anything at all.

This is our prefered method of verification because its automatica and instant and low cost (or free for please call mes).

2. Missed Call

You may place a missed call to +27 74 050 8890. The call may or may not ring and should be dropped almost immediately. It may be free depending on your network as we do not answer the calls, we simply drop them.

This method is also automatic and instant. 

3. WhatsApp

You can also send a WhatsApp to +27 74 050 8890 with the word SweetStix. Note that this method is NOT automatic and there will be some delay until we've had a chance to manually verify the number.