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I thought I knew love until I met him but now I know love is something deeper than the ocean itself. He brings joy to all those around him. He has somehow mastered the art of putting a big smile on everyone’s face, whenever he’s not around EVERYONE “MISSES HIM DEARLY” and watch his cute video’s over and over again because he is so lovable, so sweet and also very talkative, although no one understands his cute little gurgle and coos, he can surly hold a conversation for hours. He also laughs at all our corny jokes that no one else finds funny. He’s also a go getter if he wants his toys, he will climb over walls and under tunnels and he won’t stop until he gets his favourite toys. He has the sweetest smile with two pearly white little teeth and the look he gives me is so loving. He is an absolute bliss and a blessing and he deserves all the love in the world.

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