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Samuel is a warrior baby who has survived 3 major surgeries under the age of 5 months! He has definitely fought for his place in this world with his emense amount of will and determination to live. While he has a fighting spirit, he is actually so sensitive and sweet natured. He is dapper and handsome and loves to flash a gummy smile. He loves flowers and nature and truly enjoys meeting new people, always leaving an impact on them with his courageous story. After all he has been through in his 5 short months, he is such a gentle little soul. He knows just how to light up the room!

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Paddyep on October 01, 2021
Sam>el........ He gets my vote. Not only is he beautiful but needs to have a change of luck....... We can do that by making him our winner.
Mariana on October 01, 2021
My beautiful Godson has ha big fighting spirit and is the sweetest boy ever! Love you Sam 😘
Annelie on October 01, 2021
After a hectic 5 months (health-wise) you still are the sweetest, bravest little warrior. May you be blessed with good health and strength in your life. Love you to the moon and back....
Elzabe Jakubowski on October 01, 2021
Despite the challenges that he has had so far in his young little life, he is so sweet and full of beans. Samuel also gets our vote! Go Samuel go!