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Jordan is the love of our lives. He is a performer, he likes singing and dancing. So cute he makes people stop on their way to go "Ncoow he is got such big cute eyes"😍

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Agnes Adetolani Adekunle Adebayo on October 01, 2021
Good luck 🍀🤞❤️ we voting for you all the way I wish you all the best hunnnnnnyyyyy ❤️💦 I love youuuuuu ❤️💦 do the most and show them whose boss purrrrrr
Scholes on October 02, 2021
He is a cute little guy, he is worth the votes.
Stephanie Ditima on October 02, 2021
You are so cute, grow in favor and in the statutes of the Lord. You will do great 💕
Refiloe mosala on October 10, 2021
Wow he is so cute and looking like a girl i think he is worth the votes