Troy Daniel

Troy is a cute and mischievous little boy. Who loves music and loves to dance. He can be busy with picking up his toy's and someone play's a song off their phone or puts on the radio and he will stop what he is doing and boogie. We have 2 cats and sometimes he think his one and so he pretends to be one by eating like one. He will throw his banana or chicken on the floor and get down and scoop up the food with his mouth off the floor. His at the age where he is slowly copying people and things. When we tell him 'don't do that!' he will point his finger at us and say the same 'Don do at'. He has random cute moments. He'll put his hand on your back and just start patting you as if everything is going to be OK. He will run up to you and wrap himself around your leg and hug you. When he gets hold of a phone he will walk around with it by his ear and say hello and have a conversation with himself. He will collect all his teddies one by one and give them to his granny so that she can hug and hold ALL of them and pat and sing them to sleep. He loves food and will try anything and the way he eats food makes it look so delicious and yum even though his a mess and has crumbs everywhere. He runs on his tippie toes in the kitchen. He loves bath time, swimming and anything that involves water. Splashes and wets whoever is around him. When he is about to do something naughty he will look at you and smirk while for example pulling the t. V closer to him or putting his hand on it because he know's you going to say no. He is adventurous, always happy (even when he is sick), lovable and busy busy.

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