How to Vote

How to Vote for Your Adorable Baby Entry

To win the cute baby competition, you need to get the most votes. 

Not sure how to vote for your baby? Keep reading to find out exactly how to vote.

4 ways to vote for your baby photo:

1) Vote by Snapscan
2) Vote by Credit Card
3) Vote by SMS
4) Vote by Free Vote

If you have entered already, do that first. Simply add your baby photo and details to the entry form and then come back here to see how to get the most votes. 

Before you Vote: Find your Entry

- Click on "FIND YOUR CHILD" (in the menu at the top of the page).

Find your child

This will take you to the Current Entries page.

- Type your baby’s name in the search field (the box that says “Search Entries”) and press Enter (or click on the magnifying glass Cutest Baby Search Button).

This will take you to your entry page. A page with only your baby photo on it.

Example: If I search for “McKenzie” this is the page I get:

Cutest Baby Search Results

- Click on the "VOTE FOR 'YOUR_BABY’S_NAME'” button.

Vote for Child

This will take you to the voting page where you can see all the ways to vote.

Example: This is the page to vote for baby Jade’s entry.

Cutest Baby Entry Page

Vote for your child or baby

Remember, the more votes you get, the closer you’ll be to that cherished first prize! When you click on one of the ways to vote (Vote by SMS, Vote by Credit Card etc) on your entry page, you will see the cost and number of votes.

Here is how to vote using each option on your entry page:

1) Vote by SnapScan

Click on "Vote by SnapScan" and choose how many votes you want. Click on the QR code (the square image with the patterns).

Now, open the SnapScan app on your phone and scan the code with your cell phone. A screen will come up on your phone showing the amount and SoftSmart. Select “Pay” and you’re done!

Note: You can download SnapScan for free. The app is available for Android or Apple (iOS) smartphones. Find out more about SnapScan here. 

2) Vote by Credit Card

Select "Vote by Credit Card" and choose how many votes you want. Click on the "BUY NOW" button of your choice.

This will take you to the page where you can choose which kind of bank card or payment method you want to use.

Cutest Baby Payfast Voting

Note: You can also pay by instant EFT. Other payment options include credit card, cheque card, debit card, Zapper and Masterpass. The last payment option is by SCode voucher (more about paying by SCode under “Vote by Checkers/ShopRite” below).

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3) Vote by SMS

- Click on "Vote by SMS". You will see two Vote by SMS options.

1. For 2 votes, send an SMS to 35108. Your SMS must say: vote “your entry number” (e.g. vote c20051d6d)

Note: You will see your own entry code on the website page. Use the code on your entry page.

2. For 25 votes, send an SMS to 38569. In your SMS write vote “your entry number” (e.g. c20051d0c).

Example: Here’s the SMS I would send to vote for Jade. The entry number for Jade is c20051d0c.

vote c20051d0c

DO NOT write this in your SMS:
- vote baby McKenzie
- vote Jade
- vote c20051d0c to 35108
- vote “your entry number”

Note: If you are with Cell C, you can’t vote by SMS. You can use Vodacom, MTN and other networks, but not Cell C. Unfortunately Cell C does not allow anyone to use premium SMS numbers.

Tip: If you have trouble sending premium SMS messages on your phone, contact your service provider for help.
Don’t send too many premium SMS messages in one go. Service providers often limit or block the number of premium SMS’s you can send, especially MTN. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this.

4) Vote by Free Vote

Log into your account first.

- Go to the SweetStix website and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on the link called "Account".

Cutest Baby Competition Log in

- Enter your email address and password and click on "LOG IN".

Note: Your email address is your username and your password is the same one you used when you signed up. If you can’t remember your password, click [Reset your password] and check your email for the password reset email from us.


Click on “Vote by Free Vote” and then click the “VOTE NOW” button.

You get one free vote every day!


Tip: Your friends and family members can also vote for your entry for free! Get your supporters to register for free, so they can also vote for your baby.

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Checking how many votes you have

To check how many votes your entry has, go to the SweetStix login page and log in. If you don’t have the password we sent, click on the Forgot Password link and reset it to something you'll remember. Once you are logged in you’ll be able to see your entry and how many votes you have. Click on "[view]" or the number next to "Votes:" to see how many votes you have and where from.

Still not sure how to view your votes? Go to this page: Help - View your Votes

Winning - how it works

Every month there are three winners. The top three baby entries with the most votes win. First prize is from R5000, second R3000 and third R2000. The more votes the competition gets in a month the more the prize money goes up (with bonus top-ups from about R4600)!

There is also a random prize for voters. The more you vote, the more entries you have to the random voters' prize.

Top tip: On your entry page you will see a timeline with Power Up days. On these days your votes get multiplied x2, x3 or x4 depending on the day, so you get a whole lot of extra votes for FREE! 

What are you waiting for?

Go vote - and get your people to vote for you too - to win big cash this month!