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21 July 2021
Monthly Kids Competition

A Monthly Kids Competition That Gives Thousands Away Each Month Want to win an easy cash prize of R5,000? Does your youngster have the cutest personality ever? Do all your friends and family constantly nag you to enter your little one in a kids competition? You should because it is a great way to win […]

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21 July 2021
Baby Competition: Enter Today and Win BIG Cash Prizes

You are a parent living in South Africa with a beautiful baby. Since your little one came into the world, you have been posting pictures of their adorable faces on Instagram and Facebook every day, and your friends and family cannot stop telling you that your little one is the cutest tiny tot ever. In […]

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4 July 2021
Cute Baby Competition

Tips to Help you Win Cute Baby Competitions Entering the Cute Baby Competition on SweetStix is quick and easy, but how can you improve your chances of winning? The two most important steps to success: 1) Take a fantastic photo of your cute baby (and submit it).2) Ask as many people as you can to […]

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